Saturday, December 6, 2008

We woke up early this morning to very chilly temperatures. The low last night was 15 degrees.
My husband git his first service call at 8 AM and didn't return home until 6:30 PM. I was just taking supper off the stove when he came through the door. As soon as he finished eating, the phone rang and off he went again. I hope this doesn't go on all night.
Our oldest DD and our beautiful grand babies visited me this morning. We watched "Chicken Little" and played tea party. I had gotten one of those Baby Einstein octopus toys at the thrift shop last week. Tyler (our youngest grand baby at 5 months) fell in love with it. So of course it went home with them. I love it when the grands come calling!
DD went into the attic and brought down some of our Christmas decorations. I attempted to set up the Christmas Village but I'm not really happy with the arrangement. I need to do some tweaking.
I've never been this late with the decorating. However I'm resolved not to get stressed out, I will do what i can. Christmas is not in the decorations or the gifts or the food. As the Whos in Whoville sing"As long as we have hands to clasp Christmas day is in our grasp". (From Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas")
I want peace to reign in this home whether it looks picture perfect or not.
I did get to see the Martha Stewart Christmas special. She used an extension cord with graduated outlets on her tree. I think one would also work for the little town. I wonder how expensive they are. I would love to have one for our tree too. I'll be checking out the hardware section when we do our weekly shopping.
Martha makes everything look so easy. I wish she'd air her special around the end of November so ordinary ladies like myself would have time to try some of her projects before Christmas.
I worked on Christmas cards this afternoon.They are all ready to go except for the stamps. I really cut back on mailing out the cards this year. Any card that can be hand delivered will not be mailed.
I'm having a rough time with the pain today. I had to go off my meds to prepare for surgery. I'm afraid Tylenol doesn't cut it. I hope I won't feel this miserable everyday until Wednesday.

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