Monday, December 8, 2008

Today is another cold day. The sky is leaden with clouds. Will it be snow or rain? Will the wind blow the leaves and swirl the pine needles through the air?
My poor husband is out in the cold. This is a busy time of year for him. He is feeling some better Thank God but he's still not 100%. he worked 15 hours of OT this weekend.
I had planned on running errands today but I cannot deal with the pain in my leg. It is much worse than I had anticipated. I am actually looking forward to Wednesday. At least I'll be able to go back on my meds once they've done the surgery..
DD came to help with the Christmas tree today. She rearranged furniture. assembled the tree and strung the lights. Shae's a true Wonder Woman!
I began to hang ornaments but had to give it up.I almost fell and that's the last thing we need to happen.
The two grands were perfect little angels! I cannot tell you how much I love watching these precious gifts grow. How I wish we adults could maintain that sense of wonderment we had as little children. I think we'd all be much happier.
So we'll try to finish up the tree tomorrow, wrap some gifts and run those errands. I want to have as much done tomorrow as possible. I don't want to add any extra burdens onto my husband while I'm laid up.
One thing I'm going to try posting some photos on this blog.It would make my journal feel more like a scrapbook. We'll see. I keep telling myself "how hard can it be".

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