Thursday, November 6, 2008

Today the valley is bathed in autumn sunlight. Most of the leaves have fallen from our maple tree.
It looks like it will be a beautiful day. I think I will spend a little time outdoors enjoying the nice weather.I want to save some seeds from the black eyed susans that grow along the front walk. I can't believe the wave petunias survived the frost and are still blooming.
I want to finish my baby grandson' blanket today and begin a blanket for my new granddaughter.
Of course I'm still working on organizing that closet.
My friend lost her beloved Great Dane Tuesday morning. She has no children and this dog was like a child to her. I wish I had the words to comfort her. I hope she knows she is in my prayers.
On a lighter note, my ten year old grandson went to the library with me. On the way back we chatted about this n that. I always enjoy his company as he tends to become philosophical during our time together.He said when "when I'm President I'm going to turn this world around!" I said I thought you wanted to be a firefighter. Well I do and I want to be like Indiana Jones. Maybe I can be President after that! he responded. Well I reckon that having to get out of the predicaments Dr. Jones gets into is pretty good experience in life. It's a good thing to have to use your brain to figure things out.
He was disappointed that Senator McCain lost the election. HE said"McCain looks like a good man."
This is a child who voted for Abe Lincoln in a mock election when he was six. I remember to this day he said "I voted for Abraham Lincoln because he's on the money!"
Out of the mouths of babes!

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