Friday, November 21, 2008

Thanksgiving Traditions

I'm posting this a day late. Yesterday I was so busy working on Christmas I forgot to blog!
I think traditions are a wonderful way to celebrate special days.I also believe it's important to review your traditions yearly. This ensures you will be able to keep the ones that still work for your family and delete the ones that no longer fit.
It is a tradition for our immediate family to gather at my house. I make the turkey and a few sides. Everyone brings a side dish. however
Sometimes the in laws show up and sometimes they don't.
My gran kids gather in my office to make place card holders for our table.We also have the Macy"s Thanksgiving day parade on the TV in the living room.
One of the grandchildren ask the blessing (says grace).When our kids were growing up one of them led the prayer.. It was a huge honor. We've done this since the oldest could talk.
We like to go around the table and express our gratitude for the good things in life.
This is important as it fosters an attitude of thankfulness.
We all pitch in to help with the clean up after the meal. I try to send most of the leftovers home with the guests.
After we've cleaned up we play Bingo. It sounds corny but this is a simple game even a young child can play with a bit of help. Bingo prizes are usually candy bars or homemade coupons for a special treat( like cleaning out someone's car or baking cookies with gram ma).
If the weathers warm we have a game of touch football. This is plan A.
I also get a movie from the library. One for the guys and one for the kids. This year I have "The Quick and the Dead " which is a western for the men and "The Bee Movie " for the kids. This is plan B in case it's too cold or rainy.
We also take "family pictures" of each of our children and their spouse and kids before they go home.I upload these to my computer and make them available to our family.
I'm wish everyone a happy blessed day with family and friends!

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