Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thanksgiving Decorations

I have very little money in my budget for Thanksgiving decorations.
I believe in using what I have to make things pretty and seasonal.
I gather the leaves from the trees in my yard. I put them in a copper bowl I got for a wedding present This goes on the small table in the entry area. If I have potpourri I might put it in an old cake tin and place a pretty candle in the center. I like cinnamon or pumpkin spice candles for this. I will place this on my table in the entry way and move the bowl of leaves to the coffee table. I think lighted candles are very welcoming.
I line up small pumpkins on my mantle. We gather pine cones from our yard. I dip them in melted wax that I infused with essential oil. I use cinnamon. They small great.I put these in a flea market basket I place on our fireplace hearth.
I have small clear glass vases that look like jars of various sizes. I arrange them on the table with small tea lights inside. I circle them with ivy from my yard.
If cranberries are inexpensive in your area you could fill a vase or clear glass bowl with them , fill with water and float a small candle on top.
I place miniature pine cones and acorns on the table. I also place miniature pumpkins at intervals along the table. I grew my tiny pumpkins and gourds in my garden but they can also be purchased at a very reasonable price.
We use an off white table cloth. I made some Thanksgiving ribbon from some fabric I had with a harvest theme. I cut the fabric into strips hemmed the edges and ironed them with spray starch. I tie these into big bows on the back of my dining room chairs. We also put tiny white twinkle lights on the tall plants I have near the patio doors.
Years ago I made large linen napkins that I stamped with a potato and some acrylic paint. I stamped one pretty maple leaf in one corner of the napkin.
If I have ribbons that work I tie it around the napkins. In the past my kids have made napkin holders out of toilet paper tubes they covered with colored paper or wrapping paper. We have inserted silk flowers in certain colors or pretty leaves we've had into the holders on top of the napkins. I've even used springs of rosemary. It's surprising how pretty something this simple can look.
My grand kids like to make place card holders while they're waiting on dinner. They use small to medium size pine cones. They cut feathers out of construction paper and glue to make a turkey. They like to glue glitter in these "feathers" and on the body of the turkey. These look better than they sound. I use a desk top publishing program to make the place cards. My oldest granddaughter uses a Sharpie to write the names on the cards. She then places them at each place.
To keep the mess corralled I set up a card table in our office.
The only person in our family who has a set place at Thanksgiving is Papaw!
I only buy grapevine wreaths. They can be changed easily. I lucked into some nice autumn colored silk flowers at the Goodwill.I cut them apart and stuck the stems in between the vines. I made sure to arrange the flowers closely. I tied a big raffia bow at the top and hung it on my front door.
I imagine everyone knows these simple decorating ideas. If not give them a try. I'm anxious to see what other folks post in this category.

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StitchinByTheLake said...

I love your decorating ideas - I'm going to use several of them. Do you have a "recipe" for how much oil you put into the paraffin before you dips the pine cones? I have tons of rosemary in my yard and hadn't thought of bringing it in even though I love the scent. And I also have great fall fabric that I could make bows for the chairs with - how wide did you make them? blessings, marlene