Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I've been participating in the Thanksgiving fun over at Frugal Upstate and my regular posts have fallen by the wayside.
On Monday, I didn't get a lot accomplished. My DD came over with her two beautiful children. I spent the day drinking pretend tea with Cara-Mia. We also ate real cookies and banana slices. I rocked and sang her to sleep because she is only two years old after all. She curled up in my "magic blanket" and was off to sleep in no time at all.
Her baby brother came to visit as well. I talked and rocked and sang to him. He has such a sweet disposition. He's always smiling! If he catches your eye he's ready to engage you with that smile and those sweet baby coo words.And of course there's that soft skin , those tiny hands and that sweet smell.
Definitely a fun day!
Today was not so much fun. We awoke to a light powdering of overnight snow. I fretted over DH and my children and their families having to travel this morning.I heard the bridges were slick early this morning. However everyone made it to work and back home safe and sound.
I spent today blessing my house. I also washed up my bedroom curtains, rearranged some baskets and organized my bakers rack.
We had baked chicken, baked potatoes, California mix and corn for supper.I made chocolate pudding for dessert.
My DMIL and DSIL have asked us to agree not to exchange gifts this year for Christmas. My MIL is ill and unable to shop or wrap. My SIL is experiencing the same financial squeeze as the rest of us.I am more than happy to agree to do this , I have more than enough stuff.
We will still have our holiday meal with all the extended family. We will still sing carols and go to church. We will light our candles and remember a Babe born in a manger with a lot less than we have today. That Babe ending up saving us all or at least all of us who ask Him to do so.
I want this Christmas to be a blessing to us all.I accept the challenge that Christmas can be just as wonderful without all the excess (believe me I've done plenty of excess in the past).
Speaking of blessings,I didn't want too many days to pass by with out journaling my blessings. I'm so grateful for the safety of my family, for pretend tea parties, for sweet baby smiles and for that ultimate gift from so long ago the Babe born in the manger.

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