Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It looks like we're finally going to get some rain. Praise the Lord! I've been waiting on some measurable rain so I can plant a Hydrangea I grew in a pot on our deck last summer.
Do you ever wonder why those potted Hydrangeas or Azaleas you get a Walmart or the local supermarket just don't survive transplanting? It's because their root systems are weak.
If you transplant them into a large container and baby them along a bit over the summer they will develop a stronger root system. Then when you do put them into the ground they grow into a beautiful shrub. I recommend getting them transplanted before the end of November. You want them to have a couple of months of dormancy.
I also want to plant a few tulips for next spring. Here in the valley we have until the end of November to plant spring flowering bulbs
It's been drier than I like lately. My aunt had given me a couple of cuttings from her mums. I've been watering them trying to keep them alive. However no amount of water has the benefits of a good rain.
I had noticed some little green plants had come up in our little garden bed. DH and I pulled one up. Guess what? We have beautiful little volunteer radishes. We gathered some in-they will make a nice addition to our salad.
I'm working on repairing my son's comforter. This is what he asked for Christmas. His late great grandmother made it about ten years ago. He used it on his bed and it's become very worn. I plan to take it apart and replace the top. Then I'll add new batting and tie it together.
I'm enjoying the needlework. I think of Grandmother Lillian as I snip and stitch it back together.
Today I'm thankful for the rain,good memories, projects to work on and phone calls from friends. They make my day!

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