Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Beautiful Day

Today is a beautiful sunny day. We are supposed to have temperatures in the 70s. Unfortunately , we'll have a cold front coming through tomorrow so we better enjoy it while we can.

I'm feeling a bit better. I still am unable to walk or stand for any length of time. Yesterday I brought the mail in and took the picture you see on yesterday's post. I had to sit and rest when I came inside.I was only up for maybe ten minutes.

I'm trying to get everything organized before the 24th of March. That's when I see the orthopedic surgeon at UVA. I believe I'll be having surgery shortly.

Today I want to take my grandson to the library if he's not practicing baseball after school. Regular trips to the library have opened his eyes to the world of books. He is more interested in non fiction books. He likes biographies and books about nature.

In the meantime I hope to empty the dishwasher and fold the clothes in the dryer. After a rest maybe I can sweep off the porch and the walk. It'd be nice to sit outside with a magazine and a cup of tea.

I'm working on crocheting some more dishcloths for gifts. These were a big hit at Christmas. I'm also looking for a sweater pattern for my little ones. I know I have one but I can't remember where I put it.

I need to check on my seedlings and water the house plants. So many families are going to put in a vegetable garden this year. I know their interest is fueled by rising food costs but gardening is a great skill to have even when times are better. It's very rewarding to see a tiny seed sprout and grow into a strong plant that yields fruit.

It's these kind of skills that get us through. If you know how to raise food you don't have to worry so much about going hungry. You don't have to worry about chemical contamination because you know exactly what fertilizers were used and what pest control measures were applied.

When you can cook with fresh ingredients from your garden you don't have to concern yourself with chemical preservatives. And if you're using what you put up from your harvest you know exactly what's in that jar or that freezer bag.

It's just my humble opinion but I think the food grown in my garden is much better than anything the supermarket has to offer. Well I'm off to enjoy my beauty gorgeous day. Hope yours is a good one!
photo © Michael Jastremski for HREF=> CC:Attribution-ShareAlike

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