Friday, March 13, 2009

Another Weekly Wrap-up

It"s Friday so it's time for the weekly wrap-up!
We followed thru on our everyday money saving regimen. We do the basics of scratch cooking, clothes mending, laundry hanging etc every week.
It's time for spring cleaning. I researched some recipes for homemade cleaners.I've used a homemade window cleaner for years. I'm trying the recipes I've found. All I've invested is my time and $3.69 for a box of washing soda. I had most of the other ingredients.These cleaners work very well and are environmentally friendly.The house smells beautifully clean. I'm using the recipes found on Rhonda's blog"/
I also signed us up for the budget plan offered by our electric company. We will pay a set amount each month instead of an up and down roller coaster ride of an energy bill.This will make it much easier to plan our spending.
lease visit Jen at her lovely blog Getting Ahead for more of the weekly wrap-up.
We can all learn for each other. Jen has inspired me to make cloth napkins to reduce my use of paper.


~Sara said...

Great job! I also have been looking into homemade cleaning agents.

We switched over to budget billing for our electric company last year and I love it. So much easier to plan your budget when you already know what you will be paying for electricity!

Jennifer said...

You had a great week. We signed up for budget billing last summer for our gas and it has made managing the winter months so much easier! No more $400 heating bills in January.

Nancy said...

On the budget billing - make sure you stay on top of what it is each month and your useage - anything over that they will bill you for in a suprise month - happened to use on a couple of occassions. It works but don't let your guard down and trust them with it.