Sunday, February 1, 2009

Weekly Wrap-up--Living on less

I decided to join the weekly wrap-up over at Getting-Ahead.Every Friday Jen hosts a weekly wrap up of money saving ideas. Check it out!
I made the decision to join in because one of my goals was to save as much money as I could to become debt free in the coming year. Participating was a way to hold myself accountable.
As I review the month of January I realize I have met my goal for the first month of the year. I did not spend any extra money in January. None!
All funds went to pay down debt. I did not feel deprived at all either. I was able to replace most of the things I enjoy with an acceptable alternative.
Here's some of the things I did:
changed to a cheaper monthly phone and internet plan $13 saving
changed to a cheaper cell phone plan-no longer paying for unused minutes $40
Colored my hair at home-$37 saving
Checked out books and DVDs from the library instead of purchasing them
Changing my generic prescriptions to a $4 prescription plan-$16 per prescription
Price matched and clipped coupons for groceries and supplies-$20-$25 each week
Canceled Direct TV-$62 a month we get 12 channels with the digital TV we owned and our old antennae.
I stayed out of stores and shopping malls. I have more than enough stuff.
Of course i did all the normal things I do to cut costs like cooking from scratch, using up leftovers,
hanging laundry, making some of my own cleaning solutions and driving less.
I'm proud of myself. I've gone back to work now so I'll have more money. Short term disability pays about a third of your gross pay. So my challenge will be to continue to live at this level.I'll not only have more money to pay down debt but I should be able to start an emergency fund. I know I'll have to buy gas every week but I want to maintain what I've started. It's been a good thing.


Jennifer said...

It sounds like you had a great week. Unfortunately the link up didn't work again this week. Do you want to try again?

Jennifer said...

Yay, it worked this time! Thanks for trying again.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Wow! I'm very impressed with your savings. You did wonderfully well and what a sense of achievement you must feel. I hope I can follow in some of your footsteps. blessings, marlene

Nancy said...

Awesome! It's great to find another Blogger who also works outside the home! My goal is to put my husbands checks into Saving as he is paid bi-weekly and 3 times in one month twice a year. Will we be able to is the ??? of the year but I'm shooting for 6 mos of one check and then starting to move more of the second check into savings! Good luck - I just got re-motivated! Love IT!