Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Winter Weather and The Economy

Today the weather feels more like winter. We have the cold but we don't have the snow.
Despite all the inconveniences of cold weather I still want winter to be winter.

I imagine there are three hundred people in my immediate area that are feeling "winter" in more ways than the weather. Another business has laid off three hundred of their workers. This is the third business to do so in the last few months.
That brings the total to 2000. That's a lot of workers in our rural area.

My own family has not been spared the lay off process. My daughter was laid off last June. The company she worked for has since folded. She has ten years experience as an executive assistant/ office manager and cannot find a job.
My oldest son worked in the building trades. He was laid off last January and is currently working in the fast food industry for a third of his former pay.
Now my youngest son's fiancee has had her hours cut at the retail store where she's employed. her manager gave her a heads up that the parent company will probably close the store shortly so she should look for another job.

The problem is there are more workers looking for jobs than jobs to be had. It's very discouraging.

And there's the very real concern about providing for ones family. There won't be a bailout from the government. The state of Virginia has a three million dollar budget shortfall so funding to all areas including social programs like medicaid and fuel assistance will be cut.

On next Tuesday we will begin a new journey with a new president. He isn't going to be able to fix the economy quickly. I'm afraid we're going to see things worsen before they improve.

But I do have a suggestion for him and all those other dressed up bellhops in Washington who can't read a balanced sheet.
Instead of funneling billions of dollars to businesses that are falling ,why not grant each household a large sum of money. I'm thinking a million dollars would be great. We'd all have money to pay our bills, save for our retirement, pay cash for what we need. If someone had a bad sub prime mortgage that could be deducted form their million. We could buy a new car because we could pay cash. ( I wouldn't because they lose at least 2,000 dollars when you drive them off the lot)
It seems to me that would get the economy perking again.
Now THAT would be a real bailout! LOL!

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