Friday, January 2, 2009

Today it looks like snow. The sky is fully overcast and there's a damp feeling to the air. It's also cold.
I would love to see some big fluffy snowflakes drifting to earth. I would love to see the trees draped in a white coat and the ground blanketed in white.
We've had absolutely no snow this winter.
I'm disappointed in that on more than one level. There's is so much sickness (flu bugs and the like) this time of year. Mama always said a good snow cleans the air and helps eradicate the germs. I used to ignore folk wisdom. Now I wonder and try to keep an open mind.

2008 has come and gone. We can look back to see what we need to take with us but we need to move forward. WE can't change one second of the past year. 2009 gives us a clean slate.
Gather all the good from 2008 and put it in your "back pack". Don't forget the lessons learned. They belong with the shining achievements and the fun family memories.

Many like to welcome the new year with resolutions. I've made my share of resolutions in the past and I've failed to keep to them.
One thing I've decided to do differently is to set goals for myself this year. Instead of going at these goals full bore, I want to measure my progress one small step at a time.
Fly lady says it takes 28 days to develop a habit so I will do each small step for 28 days. I hope to chart my success and to come out on the end of the next year having accomplished at least some of my goals.

Here are my goals:
-make time for a daily "quiet time"
-develop healthy eating habits
-organize my house
-become debt free

My January baby steps are:
-Take 15-20 minutes first thing each morning for my quiet time
-Eat 5 servings of fruit and vegetables every day
-Declutter our home office ( or another area) for 15 minutes every day
-Differentiate between needs and I wants in order to have more money to pay on debts.

I'm not perfect but I'm giving it my best. We'll see how it goes...

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