Sunday, January 4, 2009

Little Moments

It seems to me some of the best times of our lives are made of those little moments. You know those small bits of everyday life that you just might miss if you're not paying attention.
Like when your baby grandson reaches out and takes hold of your husbands shirt as he walks past. Or when your youngest granddaughter snuggles against you snoring softly against your neck.
It's when an older grandson who's oh so cool takes time out of his busy school day to help the handicapped kids but doesn't tell a soul. Our family finds out when he get an award for it.
It's when your son wades into a cold creek on an early winters' morning to rescue a baby in a car that's slid off the road.
It's when you daughter walks down the aisle on her fathers arm to start her life as a married woman. It's watching her weep as she says her vows.
It's watching a little league team play baseball and seeing their faces light up when they score.
It's eating burnt toast and runny eggs because the kids love you enough to make you breakfast on mothers day.
It's when you husband works all day to pay the bills and comes home to make you soup when you're sick.
It when he's making mothers day breakfast after the kids have grown and gone. He makes bacon gravy and it"s awful but you try to eat it anyway. You wouldn't hurt his feelings for the world.
It's the dandelion bouquets, homemade snowflakes, Sunday morning church school programs.
It's I had a bad dream so can I sleep in your bed?
It's those blink your eyes and you'll miss it moments. Those extra special little moments that make life all the more worth living.
I pray the good Lord blesses me with many more little moments.

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