Thursday, January 8, 2009

Living Green

I'm concerned over the climate change we seem to be experiencing. It looks like the four seasons of weather are gone from us at least for this year.
We used to experience spring, summer, fall and winter. This past year we had a brief spring, a long summer, fall and more spring. We did not have the cold temperatures or the snows. Our total snowfall for last year was 8 inches( I've seen more than 8 inches of snow at Easter). This year is starting off in the same manner.
While the snow replenishes the water table, I believe the cold keeps the insect population in check, kills off some of the weeds and cleans the air.
God in His wisdom created this climate for our part of the earth. It grieves me to see it change.
Our grandchildren will never play in the deep snow. There may be water shortages due to drought conditions and an increasing population. The summers will be hotter.
I wasn't sure about global warming but I an now.
While we can't change the weather, we can reduce our impact on the earth. This would slow the rate the climate is changing.
We already recycle paper, old magazines, clear glass, plastic and aluminum. We have a rudimentary system set up however I would like to improve on it for aesthetic reasons.
We raise some of our vegetables in the summer and can the surplus for the winter. We line dry our heavier laundry even in the winter.
We don't have a good place for an outdoor clothesline. There are too many large trees in the backyard. I don't know which would reduce our impact more; taking down the trees and putting up the clothesline or leaving the trees alone.
We don't use chemical sprays and fertilizers, I make sure our laundry soap and dish soap are phosphate free. We use natural cleaners.
We've cut back on new purchases only replacing what is beyond repair or when new makes sense as in energy saving appliances.
We drive a fuel efficient compact car but it's not a hybrid.
However we need to do more. I'll be doing some research and looking into ways DH and I can lessen our impact and do our part to save our climate.

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