Thursday, December 18, 2008

I thought I would share a few pictures of Christmas around our house. The pictures today are of the living room mantle. Unfortunately I haven't figured out how to put the text with the appropriate picture. Heavy sigh!
You can see the Christmas Village. It's not one of the fancy ones. I got three of the little houses from flea markets for $1 each. My sister gave me one as a gift and a friend made the lighted tree. Everything else came from the local Goodwill. It was a lucky find.
Our mantle has the nativity scene my husband made when he first started woodworking. I love it's clean lines as well as the fact everything stores inside the stable. It's kind of like a puzzle. He also made the trees and the reindeer.
The blanket belongs to our son Daniel. About ten years ago his great grandmother made it for him. The top became badly worn and came apart. he wanted it repaired for his Christmas gift. I took it apart and reassembled it. All the work was done by hand. What you see is the finished product.
I hope you enjoy these photos.I'm new to blogging so this is quite an accomplish. Don't laugh until yesterday I didn't even know how to get the card out of the camera
More pictures tomorrow...

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