Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weekly Wrap up

I'm late getting this post up. This has been a busy week for me with two family birthday celebrations to attend, physical therapy sessions, 8 hour work days and on and on.
We did try to have a thrifty week in spite of everything.
Both DH and I packed lunches every day.
We ate in the rest of the week: cooking from scratch and using up leftovers
Baked bread
Hung laundry to dry
Got some coupons in the mail for free items at the grocery store. I had a coupon for free diced tomatoes, free ziplock sealer, free coffee creamer. Used them babies up!
Mended clothes instead of buying replacements
Replaced light bulbs in the dining room chandelier with energy saver bulbs
Placed an order for seeds so we can start plants fir our garden
We are on track to reduce our debt this year by making sure we are saving as much as possible thru frugal living.
Every Friday Jen hosts the weekly wrap up on her blog _Getting Ahead-. Check out her blog for more great money saving ideas!


Jennifer said...

Hi Debbie, I am impressed that you eat all meals at or from home and baked bread - all while working! I could have never managed that when I worked. Way to go!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Great stuff Debbie! We were out of town all week and the meeting where we were provided meals. Normally when that happens we will still opt to eat out a time or two - and this time I was really tempted as we were eating in a college cafeteria that really wasn't good at all - but this time we didn't eat even once. Of course we had to on the 9 hour drive there and back but I took snacks so we didn't have any expense for that. blessings, marlene