Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I haven't been able to blog regularly for a few weeks. There's been so much going on with our family I've had little time to sit at the computer.

On Friday our 34 year old son will marry his sweetheart. This will be his second marriage. She is a lovely young woman with two boys. My son has custody of his two boys so they will have a combined family. We adore her and her children though I do feel sorry for her being the only "girl in a houseful of guys.
They are planning a simple civil ceremony. I wanted to host a reception for them but they declined saying they wanted to start their new life together in a quiet easy way. Their honeymoon will be this weekend at a nearby hotel.
I know the boys are thrilled about the wedding. They love this woman who has been more of a mother to them in the past year than their biological mother has their whole lives. And her boys love my son.
Both of these parents want to keep life as simple and the routine as similar as possible for these children. They believe the decisions they've made will help to minimize some of the adjustments that will have to be made as they become a family.
Please join me in prayer for God's blessing and their continued health and happiness.

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StitchinByTheLake said...

May God bless their marriage and their family with laughter and joy and a few hard times to help them grow ever closer together. blessings, marlene