Friday, November 28, 2008

We Gather Together

Yesterday our family gathered together to give thanks. There was a total of twenty three family members with us.
We st up two tables - a table for the youngsters and a table for the "grown ups'. There was so much food and all of it delicious. I'm happy to say no one left here empty handed. DH and I would have been eating leftovers for a month!
The guys large and small played touch football until dark. I know those boys and their fathers slept well last night. I made sure each child won a game of bingo and got a prize to take home. I know that's not real life but hey this is Memaw's house and it's Thanksgiving!
I am so thankful for God's wonderful provision for us. I am so thankful for each family member and the opportunity to share with each other. I so thankful to live in a country where i am free to celebrate and worship any way I choose.
We don't stop to think how hard life was for those early pilgrims. Half of them died that first winter in America.
These folks gave the ultimate sacrifice for their religious freedom.
They built their homes and planted their fields. The Lord sent Squanto to help them learn how to survive the bleak New England winters.
They had no modern conveniences to make their lives easier. Yer out of that hardship came a peace treaty that was honored for 50 years and a holiday that endures to this day.
As nice as Thanksgiving is , I challenge everyone to cultivate a spirit of gratitude every day. God has given us so much. We need to appreciate it!

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