Thursday, January 3, 2008

January 3

Well it's back to work and back to normal. We've taken down the tree and put away the presents. We've eaten most of the leftovers.
Now i need to pack away the Santas and the Christmas village. I can't wait to display my new pictures of the grand kids. I may be a bit biased but i think i have the most beautiful grand babies in the world!
I am also cleaning out and purging a bit as i go.I don't like to wait until spring to do everything. I mopped the kitchen floor after I got home today and did some laundry. We had herbed crock pot chicken, noodles and beets for dinner.
Last night I started reading through Jan Karon's Mitford Reader and Kitchen companion.The Mitford series is definitely one of my favorite reads. This book is special because it has the recipes mentioned through out the series inside. I can't wait to try the orange marmalade cake. Maybe I'll be famous.

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