Sunday, December 30, 2007

Saturday December 29

`Today is a beautiful almost spring like day here in the valley.It's hard to believe this is the end if December. This morning Danny went to have breakfast with his mom and dad.This is something he does every Saturday weather permitting.
Aunt Kathryn came up to get a recipe from the food network site. She wants to make pecan bars. I was able to get her a Barefoot Contessa recipe.
Dan and I have been looking for a corner cabinet for several months now. We have been to second hand and retail outlets. We have been to several flea markets trying to find a cabinet we could afford.
Today we went to the Edinburgh Flea market and guess what? We found a pine corner cabinet painted white with glass paned upper doors. They were asking $325 but we were able to buy it for $275 plus tax.
Our son came up and helped to carry it into the house. Tomorrow I plan to wash it up really well and then place my Wedgwood crystal and my green ware inside.

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