Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Day after Christmas

Yesterday we celebrated Christmas. Our entire family came home for Christmas except for Joy. She was busy doing the in-law thing.
What a time we had! We enjoyed delicious food and fun memories. We opened our gifts to one another . I will never forget 5yo Sam holding up his gift card and exclaiming "I got a credit card! I got a credit card!"We all laughed at that one.
Among other great things my favorite presents are the card Daniel gave me, the book Jeremy gave me and my most favorite present of all is the beautiful journey necklace my sweetie gave me.
We still have to go to moms and joy's family will share this evening with us.
Today I'm resting, doing a few chores and counting my blessings! We will have leftovers for dinner. This is an easy day almost anticlimactic after yesterday.
I love the peace and quiet. I wish it would snow.

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